Make your hermaphrodite Fantasy A Reality  
Ideal Person: I like all types of sex. Great sex equals great life. Nothing too long term but a good friendship may lengthen our enjoyment of each other. My aim in the bedroom is to please everyone. I would love to meet real and sincere people.

 My most favorite hermaphrodite sexual fantasy.
My dream starts with us meeting in a dark hotel hallway, we walk along, till we come to your room, we decide to go in, its quite dark inside, cant see much, but we slowly enter the room, and we see a large bed, with black silk sheets, I look to you and  think to myself, what an ideal room, I slowly start to undress you, and as you try to undress me, I push you away, and you fall onto the bed, I slowly strip you of the rest of your clothes, and see your cock as there is a small amount of light comming from the bathroom..... then I slowly undress myself, teasing you by getting closer so you can see my sweet hermaphrodite pussy and throbbing hermaphrodite cock thru my silk panties....but not close enough for you to touch..... once I finally remove my panties, I take a blind fold out of my purse. I start to to rub it over your body....from the top of your head, down to your hard cock.... then slowly I drape it round your hard I start to kiss an nip at your neck, you start moaning with my hands roam over your body...I slowly kiss your chest...and slowly work my hand further down your hot cock....I rub my hands around it, and up and down, you gasp with pleasure of the sensation of my warm soft hands rubbing up an down your cock...... I pull the blind fold over your eyes, then I gently start to lick the tip of your cock.....Your moaning gets more intense as I slowly slide my mouth down over your cock, covering it completely........ I slowly start to suck, sucking harder and faster, until your about to cum, then I slow down for a bit, licking, and sucking, till your begging me not to stop, and finally after teasing you, I suck you so hard that you explode into my mouth......

After a few seconds, when you think you can take no more, I start to suck you again, till you get hard, once your hard, I start to kiss your lips as I slowly lower my pussy onto your cock....I start to fuck you......twisting and turning and writhing on top of you, You reach down and grab a hold of my cock and stroke it and I moan with pleasure, as I fuck you harder and faster...... and just as we're both about to cum, I slow it down, to prolong our pleasure.....You are stroking my hermaphrodite cock with both hands now and it feels soooo good as I fuck you with my hermaphrodite pussy then I decide to remove your blindfold, so you can see as well as hear how turned on I'm getting, how close I am to cumming..... and then, I start to fuck you as fast and as hard as I can, till finally, at last we both cum, and its an amazing sensation, neither of us have ever felt quite like this before......and then you realize, this is an experience that you will Never Forget......

 ~ Love Victoria ~


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